SAFE Groups
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Welcome! SAFE Groups has a New Address:

4001 Mission Oaks Blvd, Suite D, Camarillo, CA

Sexual Assault Forums for Every veteran and civilian:

SAFE Groups is a non-profit organization, which provides a supportive environment to hold group discussions among victims and survivors of sexual assault, abuse and general violence. We are a veteran- and survivor-founded group.  Trained volunteer facilitators host free bi-monthly gatherings. SAFE Groups is primarily aimed at helping veterans, active-duty and civilians turn the page by telling their stories. We not only aim to provide a comfortable location, but an emotionally safe one as well. We value privacy and self-determination above all else.  Thus, meeting attendees are asked to sign confidentiality agreements, which will ensure privacy and promote open discussions.  We recognize that sexual violence is not gender specific, nor is it related to sexual orientation; thus, SAFE Groups hosts separate meetings for women and men wherein members of the LGBTQ community are welcome.

Our motto is: "One-survivor-helping-another to create community"

At SAFE Groups we pride ourselves in the daily contribution to individual and community well-being. We believe that by sharing our common experiences we help each other navigate the uncertain and uneasy terrain of healing.  At SAFE Groups we encourage survivors of sexual assault, abuse and general violence to use their voices. 

Active Duty and Vets Helping Civilian Survivors

SAFE Groups employs an integrated approach whereby heretofore isolated groups of active duty, veteran and civilian survivors might form community and learn from one another.

We believe that veterans and active duty members of the US Armed Forces have invaluable experience to share.  As a society we typically assume a one-directional stream of service - one which runs directly from the civilian community to military victims of sexual assault.  We've considered the ways in which military members and veterans may share their insights with civilian survivors.

Our Style: Volunteer Facilitators Host Empowered Group Discussions

Our volunteer facilitators are a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise. Our goal is to provide a space for you to make a difference in your own life and those around you.  As an organization we sit at the intersection of a therapeutic and anonymous approach.  The strategy of one-survivor-helping-another is a long-established, successful paradigm. Yet, in the area of sexual assault and abuse (trauma) it is often overlooked as an alternative method for healing. 

Refuse to hide.  Refuse to remain silent.  Return your shame for full price by telling another your story. You will inspire others, but more importantly you will inspire yourself.

SAFE Groups is not meant to replace traditional forms of individual therapy.  If attendees seek individual care we refer to the appropriate organizations.

Call or email us today if you live in or near the Oxnard, CA area and wish to speak to one of our experienced volunteers.  If you are not in the local area, but wish to have your voice heard, please feel free to write us and a fellow survivor will answer your letter. 

*SAFE Groups is an all-volunteer association, which is in the process of attaining non-profit status.  We promise no outcomes and are not responsible, nor otherwise legally liable for individual healing or recovery.